The Conception Of Faith

of having faith but they're not today I want to talk to you about the conception of Faith now I know Bishop TD Jakes did a video recently on the conception of faith this is not that video I've not even watched this video I saw that he did one but I've not even watched this video um and I didn't watch his video because I didn't want to muddy the water of what I wanted to share with you about this idea of the conception of faith and I think it's probably going to blow your mind because it blows my mind then again maybe your mind's not as easily blown as mine so if we're going to talk about the conception of Faith the first thing we have to talk about is what is faith now the the Greek word faith is the word pistus which means basically it's a system of and I'm gonna I'm gonna put this in quotes a system of religious convictions especially about faith in Christ okay it's a system of convictions like beliefs um and so what is Faith according to the Bible what's the Bible definition of faith we know what it is in fact I'm going to write it on the board because we know we know everybody's familiar with Hebrews what chapter 11 verse 1 right what does it say it says faith is what the substance of things hoped for the the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen in fact I'm not even going to write all that because that's a lot to write okay that's I'm not going to write that so what I'm going to do instead is I'm going to erase all that so but we know what it says faith is some things hoped for the evidence of Things Not Seen now what's the first word in the verse now the first word is not Faith the first word is now now Faith is the substance of things hope for the evidence of Things Not Seen do you understand without the word now the verse is UN understandable I bet you didn't know that was a word did you okay what I mean you can't understand it why because Faith like real Biblical Faith the kind of Faith we're going to get into because there's different kinds of Faith but the kind of faith that you that you desire to have is the is is is is impossible to have without a now that requires that you have it what does that mean so now Faith now is not just when you have the faith now is the kind of Faith you have when you have it what do I mean now Faith is the substance of things so far it's really interesting it says substance what is what is substance sub the prefix sub means what prefix sub means what under so faith is something that is now under me substance what stats mean it means to stand oh faith is something under me that I'm standing on now here's what's really interesting now Faith is the substance of things I love this word things this is really it's really an interesting like the word things is an interesting Bible word it's an interesting Hebrew word um it says in I think it's Proverbs 25 2 or Proverbs 27 2 I'm not sure which one it is but it says it is the glory of God to conceal a thing but it's the honor of Kings to search out A matter here's the interesting thing about that the word thing and the word matter in Hebrew are the same word even though in English they're a different word and the word in Hebrew is the word debar date dollar date what does the bar mean the bar means to speak which means what that things are made of the spoken word in the beginning was the word the Word was God the word was with God the same was in the beginning with God and all things were made by him without it was not anything made that was made that's really interesting now here's what it says it says is the glory of God to conceal a thing a debar a spoken word where does he conceal it he conceals it in his word it's the honor of Kings who search out A matter where does he search it out he searches it out in God's word you remember Deuteronomy 17 don't you what does Deuteronomy 17 say the job of the king is it says he's supposed to take a notebook he's supposed to take the word of God and he's supposed to copy out the word of God all the days of his life so that he will not pervert judgment that freaking job to search out the principles in God's word so now Faith is the substance of things hoped for the word hope is not a wish it's a well-founded well-grounded expectation for the future things hoped for evidence what's evidence proof of Things Not Seen invisible what now watch this now faith is where I stand now Faith is something under me that I'm standing on while I prove the things I can't see that are invisible we'll give it to you a different way what is Faith now Faith what kind of faith what kind of Faith now Faith now faith is where I stand on the things I expect which means if I'm standing on things I expect they're not here yet don't track it now faith is where I stand on the things I expect while I prove the things I cannot see that's what this is telling us and that's why it says in the next verse for by it what faith the elders obtained a good report or a good reputation do you realize every human being in the history of the world who's ever obtained a good reputation obtain that good reputation by believing in something that wasn't there yet so much that they acted on it until they brought into fruition and then it says in the next verse by faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that things which are seen were not made of things we do appear now I was a kid I remember this verse when I was 17 years old verse three now Faith by faith we understand the world frame by the word of God so things which are seen we're not made of things to do up here I was in my 40s I'm sitting in church listening to my brother he's preaching he's preaching on this passage he reads it he reads Hebrews chapter 11 verse 3 and he says by faith we understand that the worlds were framed I'm thinking what is he talking about it doesn't say the worlds were framed it says the world was framed and I looked it up and sure enough somebody changed it said the world's refrained no nobody changed it um when I was a kid when I read it and memorized it I couldn't conceive of the worlds Being Framed I could only conceive of the world Being Framed because I'm 17 years old what do I know about the world I barely know about the world and so I saw the worlds were framed and now I'm now I'm bothered the worlds were framed what worlds what are these worlds that were framed like when you read that don't you mean well what world is the time well the good news is it tells us in the same verse by faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so the things are seen that's one world we're not made of things which do appear which means the visible world is made of the substance of the invisible world so people make the mistake I'm thinking no I'm not talking about the invisible world I'm not talking about the spiritual realm I'm talking about the real realm you don't understand baby the spiritual realm is the real Realm the Physical Realm is nothing more than a manifestation of the real Realm physicality is not reality physicality is a mere representation of reality I'm looking at folks on that Zoom screen right now the folks I'm looking at on that Zoom screen right now I promise you not one of them is in that television set that's just where they showed up are y'all tracking and so we have to understand that the real world is the invisible world and we have to operate based on invisible truth why well the scripture tells us what we're supposed to walk by what faith not by what why does God tell us that we're supposed to walk by faith and not by sight because doubt is created in the eyes and faith is created in the ears Myron what do you mean doubts created in the eyes okay so one of my favorite Bible characters is Peter he really reminds me of myself in a lot of ways but I'm reading this one story and I'm like nah we ain't that much alike Peter and the other disciples are in a boat on the Sea of Galilee and a storm comes I've been in a boat on the Sea of Galilee and a storm came no I've experienced that so it's like I'm like this is what they went through okay so but it was night time I was there in the daytime Hallelujah right and so the scripture said these are men who were fishermen for a living being afraid of dying in a storm wasn't you know I mean come on this is what we do y'all you know we just we do we fishermen you know we this is where we hang we boat that's what we do this storm was so bad they were afraid they were going to die Jesus comes to them walking on the water they said if it ain't bad enough we about to die in the storm here comes a ghost to haunt us before we die this is how I know me and Peter we cut out two totally different pieces of cloth because Peter said Jesus said be not afraid of his eye Peter had enough nerve to say if it's really you call me out there with you I know I wouldn't have said that there's no Universe in which I would have said that because my first thought would be what if he calls me out there and it ain't him that's what I'd have thought but people said call me out there with you Jesus said come Peter gets out of the boat and starts walking around the water first he's this is a man I if I did get out of the boat which I wouldn't do but if I had somehow temporary and sand I gotta this is I'm walking on the very circumstance that threatens to destroy my life he looks around y'all see what I'm doing and then it says when Peter saw the wind now let me ask you all a question what does the wind look like oh when Peter saw the wind boisterous he was afraid and began to sink now why was he able to walk on the water was he because he heard the voice of God say come when did he start to sink when he stopped listening and started looking around and so doubt is created in the eyes see don't here's here's one of the principles I'm learning in my life I can't believe my eyes because my eyes tell lies I wish I had some help in here hold on so faith is now faith is where I stand on the things I expect while I prove the things I cannot see okay that's great so where do I get it from okay let me before I tell you where you get it from let me tell you where you don't get it from you don't conjure it up you do not con you can't manufacture faith you don't have the ability to manufacture faith controversy here we come you can't speak faith into existence you can't speak things into I know there's a whole bunch of preachers and a whole bunch of motivational speakers who disagree with me on that they've been wrong before they'll be wrong again she speaks something into existence out of nothingness in Hebrew is to barah in Greek it is to ex Niello the only person in the entire Bible who Barras or ex-nilos is God we have the ability to make things from something we do not have the ability to make things from nothing not even with words I want to tell you how words come in handy now words come in handy but where does faith come from then I can't conjure it up you can't another person can't give it to you where does it come from well you have to be exposed to some truth Romans chapter 10 verse 17 says Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God in fact I want to read it to you because this whole passage is amazing from chapter from verse 9 all the way down to verse 17. Romans chapter uh Romans chapter Romans chapter 10. um it's amazing because here's what it says in starting in verse numero nine okay it says Myron put your glasses on stop straining your eyes we already talked about that all that doubt you created in your eyes okay here we go then if Thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus Shall Believe in the heart thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead Thou shalt be saved for with the heart man believeth unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation for the scripture saith whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed for there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek for the same Lord is Rich over all unto all that call upon him for who whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved but how shall they call upon call on him whom they've not heard I mean whom they've not believed how say they believe on him whom they've not heard how shall they hear without a preacher and how shall they preach except they be sent as it is written how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace and bring Glad Tidings of good things but they have not all obeyed the gospel that's a really interesting verse because because the gospel the word gospel means good news the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a four-letter word d-o-n-e that's the gospel what does that mean it's not it's not a two-letter words not do do this then do that then do this then do that then do this then do that the gospel is d-o-n-e done it is it is finished it's done it's complete to Palestine it's finished okay what does that mean that means religion says and it doesn't matter which religion you can name any religion it doesn't matter which one you name religion says so you can be accepted by God but this gospel says not by works of righteousness which we have done but according to his Mercy he has saved us by the washing of regeneration and the renewing of the Holy Ghost the Gospel of Jesus Christ says that that um there's not a just man upon the Earth that doeth good and sinneth not the Gospel of Jesus Christ says for by grace are ye saved through faith and that not of yourselves I'm going to get into that a little bit that's why I'm going by it really fast it is the gift of God not of works less any man should boast so the salvation which is the restoration of man to God can only be done by God through Christ it's not done by some religious activity regardless of what that religious activity is and regardless of who that religious actor is when it says obey the gospel of Christ would obeying the gospel of Christ means stop trying to do it yourself stop trying to restore your relationship to God yourself and Trust the restoration that God provided for you you know one of my favorite Old Testament pictures of this is in Genesis chapter 15. I'm not going to read it for sake of time but in Genesis chapter 15 when God entered the Covenant with Abram it's interesting that a Tav the last letter of the hebraic beat that atav is a covenant or a cross in fact the ancient Hebrew symbol for a top for a covenant I mean fortov was a cross what's interesting that God entered a covenant with Abram and he told Abram to bring a she got three years old a ram three years old um a half or three years old a turtle dove and a young pigeon and to kill the animals and cut them in pieces but don't cut the birds in pieces and then he put them in a pile and then when right before God gets ready to go enter the Covenant with Abram he puts him to sleep why do you put him to sleep because there is no work that we can do to be accepted by God put Abram to sleep and then what does it say after that it says if it came to pass when the sun went down it was dark Behold a smoking furnace that's a picture of God the Father when God came down and talked to Moses on Mount Zion I would happen to smoke ascended like the smoke of a great what furnace a smoking furnace and a burning lamp I am the light of the world I must work the work of him that sent me wise they that's a picture of Christ that's an Old Testament picture of Christ it came to pass when the sun went down and was dark Behold a smoking furnace and a burning lamp passed between those pieces they did the Covenant walk why because when you enter Covenant with somebody you would walk in a circle around those animals you'd cut your hands you put your hands together you'd make a promise if I break my Covenant you made what happened to these animals happen to me God's getting ready to enter this Covenant with Abram but Abram would have had to die he would have been in Double Jeopardy one because they walked they stand back to back but when they walk around the animals they come back face to face no man I've seen God at any time and lived Abram would have had to die because we've been face to face with God he needed a substitute the other problem Abram had was he couldn't keep Covenant and because he couldn't keep Covenant he would have to die again he was in Double Jeopardy so God put Abram to sleep just like God put Adam to sleep when he created the marriage covenant with Adam and Eve this Holy anesthesian Covenant thing it's a thing right and and so God entered the Covenant with Abram but Abram needed a substitute it was a substitute the substitute was the burning lamp so God says to the burning lamp if I don't keep my Covenant with Abram made what happened to this animal happened to me the burning lamp is saying to the smoking furnace if Abram doesn't keep his Covenant with you maybe what happened to this animal happened to me so it was an Old Testament Prophecy of the fourth of of the of the forthcoming crucifixion that would be thousands of years later anyway I got a little sidetracked but it was a good track that needed to be cited okay so it says it says um believe the gospel verse 16. um but they that have not obeyed the gospel for he says saith Lord who hath believed our report so Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God do you understand if you want to if you want to if you want to be a messenger of faith you have to do is you have to speak God's word to people conception of faith happens when God's word which is God's seed is received by the spirit of man and it germinates and it just States and produces works that is the conception of Faith just like when a baby is conceived a woman's body receives the seed from a man's body it creates a new life and then that woman carries that new life and then delivers that new life into the world oh man there's so many things happening in my head right now when we receive the seed of the word of God when we open our spirit receive the seed of the word of God when the seed of the word of God germinates our spirit it creates New Birth a conception of Faith happens as the result of God's word being heard not just heard audibly but heard and received like hearing it is just hearing it I'm not talking about I'm not just talking about hearing the words I'm talking about actually receiving it now here's what's interesting about that as we go back to what is Faith where does it come from it comes from God what is what does faith do in US Faith produces transformation that's what faith does faith always produces transformation so if you really wrap your mind around what I just said Faith produces transformation before I had faith in Christ I was dead in my sins I was dead in trespasses and sins when I received of the word of God didn't just give me the seed but he gave me the faith to receive that seed in my spirit how do I know that Ephesians 2 8 and 9 here's what it says or by Grace what is Grace what's the word Grace it's the Hebrew Greek word Keras which means what gift it's an unmerited favor but it's a gift you received it you didn't earn it it's not a paycheck Grace was not a paycheck Grace is when I receive good that I don't deserve Mercy is when I don't receive judgment that I do deserve understand the difference between those two for by grace are you saved through faith and then it says and that what is the and that and that what and that faith is not of yourselves it is the gift of God not of Works lest any man should Bush you know how you receive Faith you know you I'm sorry uh you know where faith comes from God gives it to you don't give it to you you ain't getting it how do I know that well maybe um somewhere in John chapter 1 it says as many as received him for them he gave power to become the sons of God even to them that believed on his name watch this which were born not of the will of the flesh which means it wasn't that I willed it in my flesh which were born not of the will of Flesh nor the will of man I didn't will it as a man which were born not of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man but of God Grace is a gift that you can only receive after you receive the gift of faith you sat somewhere and heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and you responded to it you did not respond to it because you were smarter than the person sitting beside you who did not respond to it you responded to it because God gave you the faith to receive the gift of Grace that's the conception of Faith that's where faith comes from it comes from God's word now there are different kinds of Faith most people I I love how Jesus taught most people think that it's the size of the seed of faith that matters not the size of the seed that matters it's the breed of the seed the matters what does that mean well I'm going to show you because I can show you better than I can tell you over in James chapter number one I love the fact the Bible is the best commentary on the Bible um James chapter one I think it's verse 19. James I could really go I could really do the whole first chapter of James really but I'm just for the sake of time I'm not going to because the whole first chapter of James um James wrote the book of James to the church at Jerusalem that was scattered abroad because the persecution of the Romans so they were going through it like we think we're persecuted when we get a traffic ticket no no no no no no these people were murdered and they were tortured and they were sewn up inside animal skins and thrown to the Lions as entertainment for the Romans okay I mean barbarism okay so verse 19. wherefore oh I can't start there I gotta start in verse seven I gotta started verse 17. every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the Father of Lights with whom there's no variableness in other words he doesn't change neither shadow of turning of his own will be Gat he us does that sound like I did it definitely not of his own will be God he us that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures wherefore whenever there's a therefore or a wherefore we have to refer to what came before he said because every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and coming down from the father of Elijah who knows no shadow of turning um uh with whom there's no variable in this neither Shadow attorney because of his own will be God he us that we should be a kind of first fruits of his creature because of that let every man be what Swift to hear hmm wherefore my beloved Brethren let every man be swift here verse 19 slow to speak slow to wrath why do I need to be swifted here because faith is created in the ears doubt is created in the eyes and then he goes where wherefore lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness and received with meekness what the engrafted word which is able to save your souls do you understand that he's saying the same thing I just said Faith brings transformation and then he says but be doers of the word and not hearers only deceiving your own selves If any man be hear of the word and not a doer he's like unto a man be holding his natural face in a glass for you behold of himself and goeth his way and straightway forgetth what manner of Manny was he said if you read the word of God or hear the word of God and you don't do something about what you've read and or what you've heard you're like the person who wakes up in the morning hair all disheveled sleep in your eyes slobber on your face you look in the mirror and say well off the work I go the whole purpose of the mirror is to show you what's wrong so you can fix it brings transformation the mirror the word of God is a mirror that shows us not just what we look like but it shows us what we're supposed to look like because we're changed into his image from glory to glory the more I look into the word of God and the more faith is created because that word of God in my life the greater the transformation happens in my life but it gets more better it keeps on top because you know the Bible wasn't separated in the chapters like I mean it makes it easier to find stuff but it doesn't always make it easier to understand and then he says if he be holding himself goes away straight away forget what manner of Manny was but whoso looketh into the perfect law of Liberty and continue with therein being not a forgetful hero but a doer of the work this man shall be blessed in his deed and I love the fact that it talks about widows and orphans I love this because it says if any man among you seem to be religious and Bridal is not his tongue he deceiveth his own heart and this man's religion is vain pure religion undefiled before God and the father is this to keep to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction and keep himself unspotted from the world then we get into James chapter two you all know what James chapter two is about right James chapter 2 is about faith without works now so the title of this video is the conception of faith the perception of faith and the deception of faith so the perception the conception of faith faith is conceived when God's word speaks to us and gives us a space in our spirit to receive it by faith then transformation happens that's the conception of faith the perception of well that the conception of faith in one's God's word is spoken and then we receive it the perception of faith is when God gives us the faith to to perceive it that's the perception of faith but what's the deception of Faith the deception of Faith first deception of Faith let me let me talk about this first people make the first deception of faith and I'm calling it that but it's not really that is that most people think that all belief is faith all belief is not faith why do I say all belief is not Faith because faith and doubt are both belief doubt is belief doubt is belief in a lie doubt is belief in the promise of the enemy faith is belief in the promise of the father doubt is belief in the outcome I don't desire faith is the belief in the outcome I do desire doubt and Faith are both belief so the first deception of faith is thinking that all beliefs are faith if you believe in for instance let's say you believe your religious exercise whatever it is it's going to get you closer to God that belief is not faith it's a belief but you're not believing in the truth so it's not faith belief faith is belief in God's truth that causes transformation and if I think I'm going to do something do you understand God did not send his son to die because he was going to receive part of the payment from you or me and when you say well I'm going to do this I get it I'm going to do this though because I want to make sure I get in well what you're doing is you're telling God what he did was not good enough okay so I'm gonna keep reading so my brethren remember it wasn't separating the chapters have not the Faith of Our Lord Jesus Christ the lord of Glory with respect to person I'm going to keep reading for if they're coming to your assembly a man with gold ring and goodly apparel and they're coming also a poor man and vile Raymond and you have respect unto him that we're at the gay clothing and by the way the word gay means happy it doesn't mean homosexual so like like we gotta the fact that I even have to stop and say that is tragic because they've redefined all the words in the world and and the implication like that's why I don't ever refer to homosexuality as gay because gay means happy and the implication is unless you're homosexual or not happy and I refuse to capitulate to that so I call it sodomy or perversion or homosexuality I'll call it what the Bible calls but I'm not going to call it something else because can two walk together except they be agreed and I'm in agreement with God so I can't be in agreement with the world about something that God opposes and I don't hate homosexuals but I hate homosexuality but I also hate fornication and adultery and whoremongering right and drug dealing I don't hate drug dealers but I hate drug dealing so gay doesn't mean homosexual okay you have respect on him that we're at the gay clothing and say unto him sit down here in a good place and say unto the poor stand out there sit here under my footstool are you not then partial in yourselves and become judges of evil thoughts okay so a lot of people make the mistake of thinking the Bible says don't judge the Bible doesn't say don't judge the Bible says when you judge judge righteous judgment we're supposed to and also the Bible commands us to judge everything what it says First Corinthians says he that is spiritual judge of all things so I'm judging everything but I'm not judging people and when I'm not judging people when I'm not judging I'm not judging their motives I'm not saying this person did this because of that because I can't man looks on the outward appearance but God looks on the heart so I I Can See Clearly what you're doing and I can see if it's right or wrong but I can't see why you did it I can't assume you did I can't assume that the evil you did was because you intended to do evil maybe that was the reason maybe it wasn't are you tracking so don't make the mistake of thinking that all judgment like all judging is wrong no all judging is not wrong but judging of evil thoughts like you make a judgment and you look at one person and assume because they're they got it going on on the outside they got it going on on the inside you look at somebody else doesn't have it going on the outside you assume they don't have it going on the outside because they don't no you're become a judge of evil thoughts don't do that the Bible says judge not that you be not judged for with what judgment what measure you mean it shall be measured also unto you again when it's saying that it's saying don't you judge the little sin in somebody else's life when you got a big sin in your own life in other words your brother has a splinter in his eye you got a telephone pole in your eye don't try to do eye surgery on your brother with a telephone with us who has a splinter when you got a telephone pole in your eye okay so um and then it says hearken my beloved Brethren hath God hath not God chosen the poor in this world rich in faith Heirs of the Kingdom which he hath promised to them that love him but ye have despised the poor do not rich men will press you and draw you before the Judgment seats by the way this is not this is not a universal principle it is an individual prescription what does that mean these people were going through something where the rich Romans were persecuting them and killing them and you're like they're turning and they're even some rich Jews were turning these people over to the Romans because they wanted to keep their stuff like this is not this is not saying all rich people are persecuting you don't make that mistake of thinking that that's not what this is saying you gotta you gotta read it in the context there's a really good book that y'all would benefit you to read if you really want to understand the New Testament better there's a book called um the untold story of the New Testament I don't know if any of you have ever read it but it's mind-blowing and basically it gives a chronology of what was going on in all of the Epistles that were written when they were written it's really really beneficial okay anyway um I'm gonna there's so much in here I'm just gonna I'm gonna go down to where it says um in verse number 14. what does the prophet my brethren though a man say he have faith and have not works can Faith save him I'm going to read all of it so you can understand this in context so like whatever this is saying it cannot be contradiction contradicting Romans chapter 4. so this in Romans chapter 4 are in agreement but they seem like they're saying something different okay verse 14. uh what does it Prophet Brethren though a man say he have faith and have not works can Faith save him if a brother or sister be naked in destitute of daily food and one of you say unto them depart in peace be warmed and filled that's that's churchianity they love to play that game don't they bless you brother I'll pray for you no let me bless you brother and pray for you I want to say bless you I want to bless you I remember one time I was a visiting preacher at a church in Georgia and there's only a handful of people maybe 30 or 40 people there on a Wednesday night bible study and I came through and I was speaking and they made an announcement so and so in the church their house burned down the day before and they took up an offering for him so cool I'm like okay well my house didn't burn down I'll give him some money so the next day I asked so how much money did y'all get for the family whose house burned now they said 137 dollars I put in a hundred and I don't even know the family like like we we pretend care like let's don't pretend care let's really care let's let's let's when we can do do something to help someone even if it inconveniences us a little anyway I got a little sidetracked it just blows my mind but I've seen that a lot I've also seen the other side where people actually demonstrate that they care okay so um and one of you saying to them depart and peace be warm in the field notwithstanding you're giving those things but needful for the body what do the profit even so faith if it has to not works is dead being alone yea a man may say thou Hast Faith you have faith and I have Works show me those are the key words to understand this passage show me thy faith without thy works I will show thee I'll show you my faith by my Works thou believest that there is one God thou doest well but wilt thou o man will thou know o man that faith without works is dead then it says was not Abraham Our Father justified by works when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar easiest vow you see how Faith wrought with his works and by works Faith was made perfect for the scripture was fulfilled with saith Abraham Abraham believed and believed God and it was imputed to him for righteousness that was in Genesis chapter 15 that I was talking about earlier and he was called the friend of God ye see then how the by works a man is Justified not by faith only now what is it saying notice it keeps saying you see I see you see I see you see I see you see them that faithful God works is dead you you show me your faith without your works I'll show you my faith by my works okay the deception of faith is this we make the mistake of thinking that everybody sees our faith the same way God doesn't need to see our works to see our faith people have to see our works to see our faith the only way you can show a person what you believe is by doing something you don't have to do something to show God what you believe why he can look all the way in your heart of hearts but to show a person your faith so if you go read Romans chapter four it'll say it'll be seeming to say the exact opposite why because it's showing you how God sees Faith Romans chapter 4 shows how how you show how God sees your faith James chapter 2 is showing you how people see your faith y'all picking on what I'm putting now okay so there the first kind of Faith so the deception of faith of singing all Faith all faith is the same so there we see in the passage so far there is dead Faith what is dead Faith dead faith is head knowledge you know something in your head enough to believe it but not enough to do something about it that's dead faith faith is Faith you believe something that doesn't bring a transformation that's the dev see and how many how many Church how many Church going Christian people who practice churchianity and speak christianese think that because they believe stuff that is equivalent of doing something see I don't do Works to be accepted by God I do works out of gratitude to God in service to man are y'all tracking like I don't I don't I don't I don't I don't work to please God so I can be saved I work to please God because I'm grateful that he saved me and I work to please God to serve other people because how I treat other people is how I treat him y'all tracking so we have dead faith faith without works but if there's faithful that works there also has to be what Faith with works that's Dynamic faith see dead faith is faithful that works Dynamic faith is Faith with works or faith that brings transformation but the other deception of Faith there's one more faith kind of mind-blowing look what it says in verse I lost it verse 19. yeah I'll read 18 first yeah a man may say thou's faith I have Works show me that faith without thy works I'll show you my faith by my Works thou believes that there is one God thou doest well the devil's also believe and tremble what what dead faith you got Dynamic faith and you have demonic faith what's demonic Faith the kind of faith that makes you afraid enough of judgment to be afraid of it and tremble but not afraid afraid enough to transform wait a second there's more we need to understand that the conception of faith is demonstrated in the fact that we receive Faith so we have the receiving of Faith how do we receive it we receive Faith because faith is bestowed by The Giver of Truth it's a gift for by grace are you saved through faith and that that what that faith is not of yourselves it is the gift of God not of works let any man should boast why because no flesh of Glory in his presence so faith is bestowed by The Giver of Truth Faith causes us to believe the truth and then Faith causes us to behave in accordance with the truth Bible Faith what kind of Faith the now Faith that is where I stand on the things I expect while I prove the things I cannot see that's the receiving of Faith but the responsibility of a personal faith is to hear God's word and to heed God's word but not just to heed hear God's word and he God's word it is also our responsibility to Herald God's word the reason why why do I teach business based on biblical principles because I really have a desire for the people that I consult and Coach to succeed and God's word is your best chance because business is a good idea because business is a god idea and if you do it his way your chances of succeeding are infinitely greater than if you do it some other way and the results are Faith the results of Faith are this Faith brings awareness how do I know Faith brings awareness Hebrews chapter 11 verse number three here's what it says by faith we understand it didn't say by understanding we have faith see people think that understanding brings Faith but you got it backwards understanding doesn't bring Faith Faith brings understanding by faith we understand that the world's refrained by the word of God so that things which were not seen were made of things which do appear so Faith brings awareness Faith brings action you know what Bible Faith gives you it gives you a very very very bad case of the I can't help it he'll be walking around doing good deeds because you can't help it why because you got some Bible faith you'll help your brother or sister in need because you can't help it can't help but help them you'll smile at people and be encouraging because you can't help it you'll bring joy into every space you step into because you can't help it you'll be you'll wake up praising the Lord with an attitude of gratitude and you'll go to bed the same way why you can't help it Faith breeds action and lastly Faith breaks apprehension how does faith break apprehension because faith replaces doubt and see when you have doubt gives us anxiety what is anxiety people think anxiety is fear don't they I'm just afraid of failure you're not afraid of failure you have anxiety over failure it's not the same thing what does that mean well faith is caution over a real and present danger anxiety is caution over a future imagined danger what does that mean if there is no real danger there can be no fear there can only be anxiety if you're imagining an outcome in the future that's unfavorable and you're having a physical reaction in your body that physical reaction is not fear it is anxiety what does faith do just like doubt creates anxiety in our heart Faith creates anticipation in our heart what is anticipation anticipation is the energy I get when the outcome I expect is desirable to me and what I've got to learn how to do is we're going to learn how to replace the lie that my eyes are portraying to me with the truth that God is speaking to me in real time when I do that I'm replacing anxiety with apprehension I mean I'm anxiety with with anticipation and that anticipation causes me to act in fact it makes it so I can't help it here's what's interesting if we go into Hebrews chapter 12 which we're not going to do for time we we went on from Hebrews chapter 11 all the way through Hebrews chapter 12. Hebrews chapter 12 verse 1 says wherefore because of all the things in Hebrews chapter 11. seeing where accomplished about was so great a cloud of witnesses that's not all people who've died and are gone to heaven they're sitting in heaven cheering us on that's the people whose testimonies while they were on Earth are testified witnessing to us about the benefits of having faith that's what that's talking about in the context now wherefore seeing we're accomplished about what's so great a cloud of witnesses who Abraham and Moses and Isaac and jephthah and Ferris and there all the people that was were named in Hebrews chapter 11 their testimony is witnessing to us about the benefits of having faith seeing where Compass about was so great a cloud of witnesses let us lay aside every week put down every burden and let us run with patients patience is persistent consistent endurance let's run with patients the race that are set before us how do we do that looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith what do you do who for the joy that was set before him ah okay you gotta understand you got to understand the significance of what this is saying Jesus suffered the greatest travesty against a human being that's ever been suffered against that human beings ever suffered how did he go through the difficulties of his his assignment set the joy before him while he was in the middle of being crucified he set the joy before him that's why when it says looking on a Jesus the author and finish our faith it's not saying some esoteric it's saying look at the example of Christ who finished his race who looking at his yeast the author and finish of our faith who for the joy that was set before him he sent the joy before him endured the cross how do you endure the difficulty of your assignment take up your cross and follow me how do you take how do you do that by looking at the example of Christ he said the joy before him so what did he do he replaced the anxiety of the reality that he was going through with the joy that he would experience when his assignment was complete and so I have to learn in real time how to replace the anxious apprehension of the outcome I don't Desire with a joyful anticipation of the outcome I do desire so what was the joy that he set before him it tells us looking unto Jesus the author and finish over faith who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross and now he's what set down on the right hand of the Throne of God he's reunited with the father wait a minute he was already with the father before that's right but when he was with the father before he was with the father before by himself but now he's seated with him with us in him in Heavenly places and that was the joy that was that was set before him that gave him the ability to endure the cross and when you learn to endure the cross of your assignment by setting the joy before you that one day just like you're already seated there in Heavenly places you will be like in real time or should I say outside of real time inside real eternity you'll be seated with Christ at the right hand of God set that Joy before you that is the conception the perception and the deception of faith stay blessed by the best we appreciate you all watching share this video with somebody who you think it'll bless and in the meantime in between time we're out of here see you next time